Author: Durus


Kittee and Tiara’s Ceremony of Eternal Bonding

Greetings AIE! I am very happy to announce that Kittee Fantastico and Tiara Leigh of our Final Fantasy XIV gaming community will be exchanging vows in their Ceremony of Eternal Bonding on Sunday, the 30th of July 2017 at 7PM […]


Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary

Have you been waiting to join AIE in FInal Fantasy XIV? Now is a great time to become a Warrior of Light in Eorzea. Square Enix is having a 30th anniversary sale on the Final Fantasy franchise, as well as on […]


WildStar HeadStart Is Now!

That’s right, Cupcakes! Are you ready for Nexus? It’s ready and waiting to kill for you! Join Alea Iacta Est Landing Party as we establish a beachhead on the Stormtalon PvE server for Headstart. Information for chatting with and joining the guild can be […]


All Hail WildStar’s Space Admiral

Greetings AIE! Listen up, Cupcakes! I know you’re all eagerly awaiting landfall on planet Nexus at the end of this month but before you step into your Protostar Lander (fully tested, and completely safe!), you ought to know who’s running […]


WildStar Wednesday Shenanigans

Date:  6 Nov 2013 Time:  10PM EDT Duration: About an hour Location: AIE Ventrilo Agenda: Introductions and info about the game.   Greetings, Cupcakes! I’d like to start hosting some ventrilo events for those of you interested in WildStar.  It’s […]