Author: Bouvi


A new faction comes to Star Trek Online

Legacy of Romulus A new race joins Star Trek Online as the Romulans rebuild their empire after the devastation of their homeworld. Click here for more information.


Ships, Ships and wait for it…. More Ships

Star Trek Online Join AIE in the future as we take on the Borg, Undine, Romulans, Breen, Klingons and Tribbles. New ships have been released recently to aid in the fight against the Federation’s Foes.  (Especially Tribbles) From the Cryptic […]


STO – Season 7: New Romulus

Star Trek Online Expedition Join AIE as we venture into Romulan space!   See our forums for more information on AIE in Star Trek Online.  From the article at NEW ROMULUS A group of Romulans and Remans have banded together to […]


AIE Explores Strange New Worlds

Star Trek Online Expedition The basics: Fleet Name – 195th Special Operations Group (‘195’ being the numerical equivalent of ‘AIE’) Faction – Federation (overall they have the most polish in terms of content plus you can’t play Klingon until you have a […]