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EVE Online: Citadel Fly By Just how big are these famed citadel anyway?  Take a tour of the Astrahus medium sized citadel to get a better understanding of the scope and size of these massive “cities in the heavens” and find out.


The Scope – World War Bee rages on as conflict erupts over first constructed citadels

The war continues to rage as AIEU mobilizes to the front line to support it’s alliance and fellow Money Badger Coalition forces and strikes decisive blows against The Imperium. Care to join the fight?


CCP’s Permaband releases hot new single at EVE Fanfest – Wrecking Machine

It’s like the 80’s never went away. Permaband, this child of the greatest generation salutes you! o7


EVE Online Citadel expansion and new features videos released at Fanfest

CCP Games released the latest expansion cinematic trailer during the EVE Fanfest keynote presentation featuring the new ability for players to build “castles in space” called Citadels.  These citadels can be built anywhere in space and will be completely player […]


Alea Iacta Est Universal Triumphant!

  Alea Iacta Est Universal and it’s alliance Blades of Grass have been successful in attacking and conquering one of the most prized areas of space in New Eden. It has been a hard fought war and AIEU’s and it’s […]


The Scope – Conflict continues as MBC advance on the North

The drums of war continue to beat.  Will The Imperium be destroyed?  Will the Money Badgers Coalition be able to continue the onslaught? Join the corp and find out! Click on the corp logo for a trial buddy account and […]


The Scope – Hostilities escalate in northern regions

The conflict has really been heating up with constant fleets facing off. If you are interested in trying EVE Online and getting into the action click here for a trial account and search for AIEU.


New Eden burns as the latest Great War rages on!

The latest Great War has begun and you can join Alea Iacta Est Universal, AIE’s corporation in EVE Online and lend your effort in the war. Click on this link to get a trial account and find out what the latest […]